Texas Register July 16, 2021 Volume: 46 Number: 29

Governor Proclamation 41-3847 Re: Proclamation 41-3847, renewing the disaster proclamation for all counties in Texas in response to COVID-19. OVERVIEW In accordance with the authority vested by Section 418.014 of the Texas Government Code, Governor hereby renews the disaster proclamation … Read More

Texas Register June 11, 2021 Volume: 46 Number: 24

Texas Board Of Nursing June 11, 2021: Proposed Rules Amending 22 TAC §221.14 to update requirements for nurse-midwives’ provision of controlled substances CHAPTER 221. ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSES 22 TAC §221.14 OVERVIEW The Texas Board of Nursing (Board) proposes amendments to 22 … Read More

Texas Register February 12, 2021 Volume: 46 Number: 7

1. Governor Appointments re: Governor reappoints three members and appoints one new member to the Texas Board of Nursing. Governor appoints Donald R. Margo II to the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas Oversight Committee. 2. Texas Health and Human Services Commission … Read More