Texas Register January 14, 2022 Volume: 47 Number: 2

Health and Human Services Commission Emergency Rules Re: New 26 TAC ยง553.2004, requiring assisted living facilities to accurately report COVID-19 vaccination data for staff and residents to HHSC in the format established by HHSC within 24 hours of completing a … Read More

Texas Register January 7, 2022 Volume: 47 Number: 1

The Governor Proclamation 41-3869 The Governor issued Proclamation 41-3869 to renew the disaster proclamation for all counties in Texas in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. OVERVIEW In accordance with the authority vested by Section 418.014 of the Texas Government … Read More

Texas Register December 31, 2021 Volume: 46 Number: 53

The Governor Appointments Re: The Governor appointed three individuals to the Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response and three individuals to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Appointments for December 15, 2021: Appointed to the Task Force on … Read More