Texas Register March 20, 2020 Volume: 45 Number: 12

Texas Health and Human Services Commission   Proposed Rules Amending 1 TAC §355.112 to create separate rate enhancement categories for HCS and TxHmL programs CHAPTER 355. REIMBURSEMENT RATESSUBCHAPTER A. COST DETERMINATION PROCESS1 TAC §355.112OVERVIEWThe Executive Commissioner of the Texas Health … Read More

Texas Register June 14, 2019 Volume: 44 Number: 24

Texas Board of Nursing   Proposed Rules Fees 22 TAC §223.1Introduction. The Texas Board of Nursing (Board) proposes amendments to §223.1, concerning Fees. The amendments are proposed under the authority of the Texas Occupations Code §301.151 and §301.155, Texas Health … Read More