Texas Register March 18, 2022 Volume: 47 Number: 11

Health and Human Services Commission Proposed Rules Re: Amending 1 TAC §§353.1302, 353.1304, 353.1306, 353.1307, 353.1309, 353.1311, 353.1315, 353.1317, 353.1320, 353.1322 to update delivery system and provider payment initiatives in accordance with requirements imposed by the Centers for Medicare and … Read More

Texas Register Volume: 47 Number: 10

The Governor Proclamation 41-3885 The Governor issued Proclamation 41-3885 to renew the disaster proclamation for all counties in Texas in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. OVERVIEW In accordance with the authority vested by Section 418.014 of the Texas Government … Read More

Texas Register March 4, 2022 Volume: 47 Number: 9

Health and Human Services Commission Emergency Rules Re: New 26 TAC §551.47, requiring limited indoor and outdoor visitation in an intermediate care facility. CHAPTER 551. INTERMEDIATE CARE FACILITIES FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH AN INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY OR RELATED CONDITIONSSUBCHAPTER C. STANDARDS FOR … Read More