Texas Register September 24, 2021 Volume: 46 Number: 39

Governor Appointments Re: Governor appoints Ruben A. Martinez to the Advisory Council on Emergency Medical Services. Appointments for September 8, 2021 Appointed to the Advisory Council on Emergency Medical Services for a term to expire January 1, 2022: Ruben A. … Read More

Texas Register September 17, 2021 Volume: 46 Number: 38

Department of State Health Services Emergency Rules Re: Renewing 25 TAC §448.911 to expand electronic treatment services for adults and adolescents in a licensed chemical dependency treatment facilities. CHAPTER 448. STANDARD OF CARESUBCHAPTER I. TREATMENT PROGRAM SERVICES25 TAC §448.911 OVERVIEW … Read More

Texas Register September 10, 2021 Volume: 46 Number: 37

The Governor Executive Order GA-39 Executive Order GA-39, prohibiting governmental entities from issuing vaccine mandates and from requiring vaccine passports. NOW, THEREFORE, Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas, by virtue of the power and authority vested by the Constitution and laws … Read More

Texas Register September 3, 2021 Volume: 46 Number: 36

Health and Human Services Commission Emergency Rules Re: Renewing 26 TAC §551.47 to describe requirements regarding limited outdoor and indoor visitation in Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions. CHAPTER 551. INTERMEDIATE CARE FACILITIES FOR INDIVIDUALS … Read More