Texas Register March 29, 2024 Volume: 49 Number: 13

Governor Appointments Re: Appointed to the Family Practice Residency Advisory Committee, for a term to expire August 29, 2026, Zoey Z. Wang of Houston, Texas. Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Proposed Rules Re: Amending 16 TAC §§114.1, 114.70, 114.90, … Read More

Texas Register March 15, 2024 Volume: 49 Number: 11

Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners Proposed Rules Re: Amending 22 TAC §329.5, to increase the number of acceptable versions of the Casework Wool (CWT) for applicants by endorsement. CHAPTER 329. LICENSING PROCEDURE22 TAC §329.5 OVERVIEW The Texas Board of … Read More

Texas Register March 8, 2024 Volume: 49 Number: 10

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Proposed Rules Re: Amending 1 TAC §§382.1, 382.5, 382.7, 382.9, 382.15, 382.17, to outline the rules governing the administration of the Healthy Texas Women (HTW) Program. CHAPTER 382. WOMEN’S HEALTH SERVICESSUBCHAPTER A. HEALTHY TEXAS … Read More

Texas Register March 1, 2024 Volume: 49 Number: 9

Office of the Attorney General Opinions Re: Whether Johnson County Emergency Services District No. 1 may operate a county-wide ambulance service OVERVIEW Section 775.026 of the Health and Safety Code provides that each rural fire prevention district created under former … Read More