Texas Register October 21, 2022 Volume: 47 Number: 42

Texas Health and Human Services Proposed Rules Re: Amending 1 TAC §§354.1430, 354.1432, 354.1434 and new §§354.1435 and 354.1436, addressing how patients are to receive telemedicine medical services. CHAPTER 354. MEDICAID HEALTH SERVICESSUBCHAPTER A. PURCHASED HEALTH SERVICES1 TAC §§354.1430, 354.1432, … Read More

Texas Register October 14, 2022 Volume: 47 Number: 41

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Proposed Rules Re: Amending 1 TAC §372.354 to exclude the full amount of one prepaid burial insurance policy, funeral plan or funeral agreement for each household member as a resource when determining TANF eligibility. … Read More

Texas Register October 7, 2022 Volume: 47 Number: 40

Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists Proposed Rules Re: Repealing 22 TAC §463.35, which relates to Professional Development. CHAPTER 463. APPLICATIONS AND EXAMINATIONSSUBCHAPTER F. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT22 TAC §463.35 OVERVIEW The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council proposes the repeal of … Read More

Texas Register September 30, 2022 Volume: 47 Number: 39

The Governor Proclamation 41-3931 The Governor issued Proclamation 41-3931 to renew the disaster declaration for all Texas counties. OVERVIEW In accordance with the authority vested by Section 418.014 of the Texas Government Code, the Governor hereby renews the disaster proclamation … Read More