Texas Register March 17, 2023 Volume: 48 Number: 11

Texas State Board of Pharmacy Proposed Rules Re: Amending 22 TAC §283.2, concerning accreditation requirements for residency programs. CHAPTER 283. LICENSING REQUIREMENTS FOR PHARMACISTS22 TAC §283.2 OVERVIEW The Texas State Board of Pharmacy proposes amendments to §283.2, concerning Definitions. The … Read More

Texas Register March 2, 2023 Volume: 48 Number: 9

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Texas Health and Human Services Commission Adopted Rules Re: New 1 TAC §354.5001, §354.5003, describing the purpose of the new Subchapter and providing new definitions. CHAPTER 354. MEDICAID HEALTH SERVICESSUBCHAPTER P. AUTISM SERVICES1 TAC §354.5001, §354.5003 OVERVIEW The Executive Commissioner … Read More