Texas Register October 18, 2019 Volume: 44 Number: 42

Texas Health and Human Services Commission   Proposed Rules Add-on Payment Methodology for Home and Community-Based Services Supervised Living and Residential Support Services. CHAPTER 355. REIMBURSEMENT RATESSUBCHAPTER F. REIMBURSEMENT METHODOLOGY FOR PROGRAMS SERVING PERSONS WITH MENTAL ILLNESS OR INTELLECTUAL OR … Read More

Texas Register October 11, 2019 Volume: 44 Number: 41

State Board of Dental Examiners   Proposed Rules Dental Licensure: Consideration of Criminal Convictions CHAPTER 101. DENTAL LICENSURE22 TAC §101.8The State Board of Dental Examiners (Board) proposes this amendment to 22 TAC §101.8, concerning persons with criminal backgrounds. This amendment … Read More

Texas Register October 4, 2019 Volume: 44 Number: 40

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation   Proposed Rules To remove all requirements in Chapter 114 that are related to the technician registration CHAPTER 114. ORTHOTISTS AND PROSTHETISTS16 TAC §§114.10, 114.20, 114.21, 114.23, 114.28, 114.50, 114.80, 114.90The Texas Department of … Read More