Texas Register January 27, 2023 Volume: 48 Number: 4

Governor Appointments Re: The Governor appointed one individual to the Nursing Facility Administrative Advisory Committee. Appointments for January 13, 2023 Appointed to the Nursing Facility Administrators Advisory Committee for a term to expire February 1, 2027, Donald L. “Don” King … Read More

Texas Register January 13, 2023 Volume: 48 Number: 2

Texas Department of State Health Services Proposed Rules Re: Amending 25 TAC §§131.181 – 131.191, to revise definitions and clarify hospital level of care designations for neonatal and maternal care programs. CHAPTER 133. HOSPITAL LICENSINGSUBCHAPTER J. HOSPITAL LEVEL OF CARE … Read More

Texas Register January 6, 2023 Volume: 48 Number: 1

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Adopted Rules Re: Amending 1 TAC §355.8212, §355.8214, concerning waiver payments to hospitals and physician group practices for uncompensated charity care. CHAPTER 355. REIMBURSEMENT RATESSUBCHAPTER J. PURCHASED HEALTH SERVICES1 TAC §355.8212, §355.8214 OVERVIEW The … Read More